CV in Brief




Engineering Development
  Alan has 30 years of professional experience from electronics technology in the USAF through HUD/HDD and weapon delivery systems for the high stress environment of the fighter aircraft cockpit to conceiving and developing multi-million dollar Show and Ride systems for Disney and Universal.

Program Management
  In his positions as Show/Ride Manager and Project Director for the development arms of Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative, Alan gained significant experience developing schedules and staffing for the management of multi-million dollar ride and show system development contracts for theme parks worldwide.

  As both Imagineering and Universal oversee all phases of development, Alan has had responsibility for Show and Ride system construction, start-up and operational and maintenance training of park personnel.

  Alan was instrumental in development of the worldwide safety program for Disney including hazard analysis, new ride classification and restraint system requirements evaluation and continues to work with ASTM and Disney on the implementation of the standard for attraction design, construction and operation.

International Experience
  Cockpit display system and theme park development have seen Alan working in parks in Paris, Tokyo and Osaka; flight testing in Taiwan and Toulouse; and working with vendors from Germany, England, and The Netherlands as well as France, Japan and Taiwan.

Alan is also a Commercial Pilot with over 2,000 flight hours and teaches primary flight training as an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.He is also an active volunteer pilot for Liga International, The Flying Doctors of Mercy.

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